AlarmSense Control Panels from Haes Chosen to Protect Temporary Classrooms in Schools

Haes Alarm SenseTemporary school classrooms often pose a quandary in respect of fire safety due to the investment required for a short-term need. Bridge Fire & Security based in Uxbridge are supporting schools across London by utilising Haes’ AlarmSense control panels.

Developed specifically to work with the Apollo Fire Detectors ‘AlarmSense’ protocol devices which embrace two-wire technology, all devices are wired to the same pair of cables instead of having to run separate circuits for detectors and sounders. Installation is therefore faster and costs less as a result, which is why it is very appealing as a protection solution for temporary classrooms.

One school who have already benefited from this solution is St Joseph’s Primary School in Willesden. Brian Wood, Managing Director of Bridge Fire & Security explained the wider impact saying “With Safety being of obvious paramount importance to their school, finding a smart solution for them which provided leading cover at a reduced comparative cost was great news. We’ve certainly been very impressed with this solution and with the quality & reliability of Haes panels throughout.”

The panels are available with 2, 4, 8 and 12 zone options and include false alarm reduction technology via ‘Non Priority’ Signalling. In practice this means that when smoke is detected, the local base sounder activates (with any alarm relay set accordingly) and after a set time period (e.g. 120 seconds) the panel will attempt to reset the detector. If clear, the panel resumes to normal but if the detector activates again or another detector is activated, a full alarm will then occur.

Haes’ AlarmSense control panels have special programming options such as setting non-priority modes per zone, programmable time delays for non-priority alarms (30, 60 or 120 seconds) and panel display response during non-priority alarms. This occurs with either no indication or zone LED with buzzer.

As you would expect from this leading manufacturer, a manual call point can be activated at any time resulting in a full alarm to be triggered.

In addition to schools, and other municipal buildings this solution is also ideal for houses of multiple occupation (HMOs).

To discuss this solution further, contact Haes Systems Ltd on 01895 422066 or visit: