Updated Lux Intelligent Savings Calculator Demonstrates Retrofit Emergency Light Testing Savings

Advanced has recently updated the savings calculator on its Lux Intelligent website to demonstrate the savings customers can achieve by retrofitting its cloud-enabled emergency light testing system.

The original savings calculator was born out of Advanced’s confidence in the savings Lux Intelligent could deliver to end users, facilities managers and maintenance companies. Growing requests from the retrofit market prompted the change, as Lux Intelligent can replace old or discontinued systems and can usually be installed on existing wiring with installed lights easily converted.

When lights are tested manually, an engineer must physically walk the building and cut power to the emergency lights, forcing them to operate on their secondary supply. He or she then needs to reinstate the mains power and confirm that the batteries are charging properly. This this is a time-consuming and tedious task that is not always completed accurately or reliably.

Added to that, it is not practical to disable the power for whole areas of a building during normal operational hours, so the process must be staggered or done outside of office hours. Also, in case of a real emergency, no area of a building can be left without emergency lighting for the period after a test while the batteries are recharging.

Automatic testing using Lux Intelligent simplifies the entire process and is incredibly cost-effective, especially when using cloud-based monitoring via mobile or web app, which completely does away with the need for compiling manual reports and simplifies maintenance management.

Commenting on the new retrofit-focused feature Robin Kemp, Lux Intelligent’s National Sales Manager, said: “We developed the savings calculator to show how much people could save by installing Lux Intelligent. We’ve seen a significant growth in installations, driven by Lux’s cloud functionality and ability to cover all a site’s lighting testing needs, so users need only invest in one system. The ease of installation of the system, particularly in retrofit markets, has also grown quickly and the updates reflect this.”

Users can access the updated savings calculator here.

Advanced Emergency Lighting for Sheffield University

A landmark, £11.6 million new building at the University of Sheffield has been equipped with the industry-leading, Lux Intelligent emergency lighting test system from Advanced.

Lux Intelligent, ensures all emergency lighting is compliant and functioning with no engineer intervention required, saving money, time while maintaining compliance. It has recently been revamped and improved following 15 years leading the industry across Europe and the Middle East.

The system can be retrofitted onto existing wiring and luminaires, keeping installation costs to a minimum. It is one of the most flexible systems available with panels supporting 1-4 loops, 249 devices per loop and up to 200 panels in a network. Lux Intelligent is also compatible with most third party lights and luminaires, including LEDs, giving installers and end users unprecedented purchasing freedom.

Lux Intelligent is now available with cloud data storage and live system fault and compliance monitoring via a smartphone and tablet apps and web browsers. Users can add any site in their portfolio to the cloud service and get live system data from site, right down to device level. Fault, test and maintenance reports can be generated from a whole site right down to individual devices. These can be shared with colleagues or maintenance partners in a click.

The new installation is in the Pam Liversidge Building, home to the University’s Engineering Graduate School, which was recently completed. The seven-storey building required a fully addressable emergency lighting test system and Lux Intelligent system was selected on the basis of quality, reliability and full compatibility with the identical system in the adjoining ChELSI Building, as well as many other buildings across the university.

The Pam Liversidge Building installation comprises 180 3W LED emergency downlighters, and 70 edge-lit LED luminaires. In addition there are 40 8W fluorescent bulkheads, 40 IP65-rated 8W fluorescent bulkheads and seven decorative anti-panic floodlights.

David Henderson, Lux Intelligent Product Manager for Advanced, commented: “The Lux Intelligent system is used in prestigious and challenging sites, both small and large because of its unique combination of performance, reliability and flexibility. The revamped systems with mobile and remote monitoring further sets Lux Intelligence apart as a system of choice”.

Each luminaire complies with the Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL) recommendations and Advanced has full ICEL 1004 approval for the re-engineering of luminaires for emergency lighting use.

Advanced is a world leader in the development and manufacture of intelligent fire systems. Its legendary performance, quality and ease-of-use sees its products used in prestigious and challenging locations all over the world, from single panel installations to large multi-site networks. Advanced products include complete fire detection systems, multi-protocol fire panels, emergency light testing, extinguishing control and fire paging systems. More details on Lux Intelligent can be found on the website www.luxintelligent.com

Lux Emergency Lighting Testing System Shows You The Money

Lux IntelligentAdvanced’s online calculator shows you the lighting test savings 

Lux Intelligent, the emergency lighting testing system from Advanced saves time and money compared to manual and other addressable light testing systems. The company is so confident of this that it has developed an online savings calculator to show you the numbers.

When lights are tested manually, an engineer has to physically walk Read more

Advanced Launches Mobile Managed Emergency Light Testing

Global fire systems business Advanced has launched Lux Intelligent, a new emergency lighting testing system with cloud monitoring and mobile management. It offers time and cost savings, a host of unique technical features and proves compliance with BS5266-1. Lux Intelligent is an addressable, automatic test system that shows all emergency lighting is compliant and functioning, with no engineer intervention required, saving money and time. It can be easily networked and retrofitted onto existing wiring and luminaires, keeping installation costs to a minimum.

A unique feature of Lux Intelligent is cloud monitoring and system management via mobile and web apps. Test data is stored securely in the cloud and the system delivers live details on status, faults, test failures and advisories from a smartphone or via a web browser, allowing users to monitor all their sites, anywhere in the world, right down to individual devices. Users can share the sites or panels with engineers and maintenance staff and e-mail maintenance and test reports in one click.

The system is easily installed in one panel or networked formats. Networks can be standard cable, allowing 200 panels to be networked, or customers can use their own LAN and wireless networks. This low cost, no disruption method allows an unlimited number of panels to be networked to cover large or multiple sites right across the globe and monitored via the cloud.

Lux Intelligent works with almost any light, including LEDs, from almost any manufacturer and can be easily added to existing wiring, offering considerable savings on installation and maintenance costs. It works with any existing system including central battery, and each panel has up to four loops each supporting 249 luminaires.

The system has a unique set of test methods that include the standard current and voltage tests, but also direct light level measurement via fibre optics. Once installed, the panels should never need to be looked at, apart from a three year battery check; in fact, their reliability is so high that Advanced has removed the key from the panel front.

“It’s probably fair to say that no other emergency lighting testing system makes compliance with BS5266-1 easier or more cost effective,” comments Advanced’s marketing manager Aston Bowles. “In fact, we’re so confident that Lux Intelligent will save users time and money that we provide a savings calculator on our website, showing how the automatic testing technology, easy installation and cloud monitoring add up to impressive savings and benefits within a very short time.”

“I don’t believe there’s another system out there that can match Lux Intelligent for performance and ease-of-use,” adds Dave Henderson, the company’s emergency lighting product manager. “A well-tested, compliant system that works when you need it is the goal. We achieve this in a few simple steps. Firstly, we offer live status and test reporting; secondly, we store all of your data securely in three places: the panel, the PC and the cloud; thirdly, we give you access to that data on your phone, tablet or any computer and, finally, we make it simple to share sites, panels or test and maintenance reports with your team or 3rd party partners quickly and easily.

“It’s this combination of zero time testing, data integrity and quick resolution of problems and maintenance needs that make Lux Intelligent so reliable and cost effective. Add to this the fact your system can easily scale to cover any site anywhere and work with just about any light or LED fitting, and you’ve got a system that’s unbeatable and future-proofed, saving on expensive one-off investment in the future,” concluded Dave.

Advanced is a world leader in the development and manufacture of intelligent fire systems and emergency lighting testing. The legendary performance, quality and ease-of-use of its products sees them used in prestigious and challenging locations all over the world, from single-panel installations to large multi-site networks. Advanced products include complete fire detection systems, multi-protocol fire panels, extinguishing control, fire paging systems and emergency lighting testing.

Hochiki Europe to show latest life safety technology at Health & Safety North

Hochiki Europe will demonstrate the features and benefits of its cutting edge fire detection and emergency lighting solutions at this year’s Health & Safety North, taking place at the Bolton Arena on the 9th– 10th October.

Visitors can see a working example of the HFP system with Hochiki’s Enhanced Systems Protocol (ESP) devices. Hochiki’s Conventional (CDX) devices are also compatible with HFP systems, which means that even the most specialist environments can be catered for.

FIREwave will also be on display and has been specifically designed for use in locations where minimum disturbance to the fabric of the building is important and it can be installed quickly and easily.

Other highlights will be the FIREscape Emergency Lighting range, which features self-contained LED luminaires and signage that are powered via low voltage cabling.  The light emitting diode (LED) technology that the system is based around is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly – in fact, it uses less than five percent energy consumption compared with conventional lighting. This makes the Emergency Lighting System a green alternative to other systems that are currently available and allows operating costs to be kept to a minimum without compromising the safety of a building’s occupants.

For further information on Hochiki’s products please contact Alicia Wood on 01634 266 566 or use the newly available Distribution App which provides product information straight to mobile devices http://www.hochikieurope.com/Hochiki-App #hochikiapp

For further information please contact Hochiki Europe on 01634 266566, email:

[email protected] or visit www.hochikieurope.com.