FIA Published White Paper; Third Party Certification: What does it mean for Businesses?

Unknown-6In an effort to make Third Party Certification (TPC) easier for fire protection suppliers to understand, the Fire Industry Association (FIA) has published a new white paper called ‘Third Party Certification: What does it mean for businesses?’.

By using TPC, businesses are making themselves much more attractive to potential customers, who are required by law to ensure they use competent suppliers.

The white paper is divided into five main sections:

What TPC is? –  explains that TPC is in essence a consumer protection scheme, which enables the company to provide proof that it is competent.

How does getting certified benefit your business? – explains what advantages the company can get by attaining TPC. Certified companies can clearly prove their competence and differentiate themselves from the competition.

How does TPC work? – explains how the certification process is carried out and how often it has to be repeated. It also includes information about what criteria must be met to prove that the Certification Body (CB) and schemes have a high degree of credibility.

What schemes are available? – explains who produces the schemes, what areas they cover and what the main differences are between them.

How can the FIA help? – explains what help the FIA can provide for members and non-members who want to achieve TPC.

The paper can be downloaded for free from the FIA website