Haes Introduce Ambient System to the UK Market

Haes Ambient systemLeading fire control panel manufacturer Haes are proud of their growing reputation for delivering innovative solutions to address diverse fire control situations. This flexibility and forward thinking has now led to Haes adding a new brand to their already extensive range. Introducing Ambient System who specialise in the development, manufacturing and delivery of Public Address & Voice Alarm equipment (PAVA). Due to constant development and improvement, Haes can rely on the Ambient Systems catering flawlessly for multi-industry use.

The modular PAVA product range provides flexible and scalable configuration and includes control units, amplifiers, microphones and exchangeable modules. There is also a range of compact, plug and play wall mounted units that adds to the flexibility of the systems. The power amplifiers, power supply equipment and loudspeakers ensure that the range can provide the complete solution in a huge variety of situations and organisations.

This is an exciting development and Ian Newton who is heading up this area said “Haes is expanding its product range always with the customer in mind. The addition of PAVA to our portfolio takes Haes to another level and is already being received really well. With more than 20 years’ experience in this field, I am confident we have chosen the right partner in Ambient and I am looking forward to helping our clients with their projects much more in the near future”.

From airports, tunnels and transport to hospitals, stadiums and shopping centres, PAVA systems are used to provide clear, concise messages to assist in the safe evacuation of occupants in the event of an emergency. Within such environments, during normal use, the systems can be used for the day-to-day operations such as background music, routine paging and advertising. With Haes’ innovative and forward-thinking outlook, they recognised the huge versatility of the Ambient System range and the potential it will have for their clients and future projects.

Ambient System use the latest technologies enabling Haes to create solutions featuring intelligent functionality and flexibility that helps minimise your cost of ownership. Call Haes today on: 07341 089186 or email ian.newton@haes-systems.co.uk.

To find out more visit: www.haes-systems.com/pava