New ‘Mini’ PAVA System Keeping Education Institutions Safe

Haes_Fire_SystemWithin schools and universities, powerful safety systems and reliable communication tools are paramount towards keeping students and staff safe. Immediate communication in an emergency situation can make all the difference; whether that involves a fire evacuation, a missing student or a mass lockdown, it is imperative that a clear message is communicated throughout the building.

Public Address & Voice Alarm (PAVA) systems ensures that nobody is left out of the loop.

They are superbly effective in a variety of facilities, from spread out university campuses to high rise, multi-story buildings. PAVA systems are hugely popular within educational organisations around the world, being the most effective way to evacuate a campus, particularly in Australia & the USA where specific scenarios can require a building or a campus to be evacuated or go into lockdown.

As a leading fire control panel manufacturer, Haes are delighted to introduce the Ambient miniVES System to the UK market. miniVES is a standalone and compact voice evacuation solution, and as such it is a prime safety solution for schools and universities because it is ideal for small to medium size applications. miniVES hosts all the same processing capabilities as more expensive systems but in a compact and competitively priced format. With an intuitive touch-screen interface, school administrators will have the confidence that in an emergency, with the push of a button, pre-recorded messages or live announcements can be broadcast throughout the entire site.

Not only will the miniVES System play a vital role in emergency situations, but its flexibility means it can be used on a daily basis for instance music, or the school radio station can be played through the speakers at break times. The audio system can also be programmed to signal class change or to make other student related announcements.

You can rely on the miniVES as, unlike other systems, it includes an automatic back-up amplifier and can be hosted on a secure IP based network. There are many benefits to investing in the miniVES System so let our expert team expand on how it can improve communication and emergency procedures at your educational institution. Get in touch with Haes today on 07341 089186 or email

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