Nittan High Output AV Devices Now Availble With Short Circuit Isolator & EN54-23

nittan-fireNittan, a leading manufacturer of conventional and addressable fire detection products, has launched a new range of Evolution High Output audio visual fire alarm devices including, for the very first time, models with a Short Circuit Isolator (SCI).

The EV-HIOP-SDR Sounder is certified to EN54-3 with the EV-HIOP-BCN Beacon and EV-HIOP-SB Sounder/Beacon certified to EN54-23.  Each product comes with an option of EN54-17 SCI (-ve line only) which allows for an unobtrusive way of providing isolation on the loop without the need for separate SCI bases beneath the devices.  This is not only a cost-effective option, but also makes for a simpler, neater installation.

The EV-HIOP Sounder, Beacon and combined Sounder/Beacon products provide a simple and highly cost-effective means of complying with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) by providing both sound and flashing light to alert occupants to a fire.  All have head removal monitoring and are IP65 rated as standard, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  They are EEPROM Addressed (Programmer) and feature FSK signalling protocol for robust, reliable communications.

The Sounder devices come with 32 alarm tones to choose from and individually controlled alarm and alert tones, allowing customers to choose a combination that works for any installation.

The new audio visual devices are fully compatible with the entire Nittan Evolution range.

For sales information, please contact Nittan on 01483 769 555 or by email at, or visit the web site