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Puma Products Ltd Ensure Compliance to BS EN Standards

In a society where technology is advancing fast, both in industry and the home, we have become dependent on computers. The storage and protection of electrical data has become a primary concern for every business. The need for continuity and information security has resulted in the development of the high-tech data centre, which are costly to construct and maintain.

Electrical fire represents a potentially catastrophic and extensive risk, which has resulted in the installation of high-tech fixed gaseous suppression systems in data centres. These systems must comply to BS EN 15004 with regards to pressure relief and post gas extract.

British and European standards for the fire industry, BS EN 15004-1:2008 states: “The protected enclosure shall have sufficient structural strength and integrity to contain the extinguishant discharge. Venting shall be provided to prevent excessive over- or under-pressurization of the enclosure”. This statement highlights the requirement for pressure relief dampers when installing a gas suppression system.

Two types of gas are used in these systems; inert and synthetic. Both can cause different problems within the enclosure, on discharge. An Inert gas, such as Argonite or Inergen, creates an over-pressure which can affect the wall strength if not sufficiently vented. A synthetic gas such as FM200 or NOVEC 1230, will lower the temperature of the fire to a point at which combustion cannot be sustained. This results in a vacuum of under-pressure, before then expanding to create an over-pressure. A synthetic gas therefore requires both under and over-pressure relief to maintain structural stability of the enclosure.

Puma Products Ltd has designed and developed a product that will contain the gas inside the enclosure long enough to extinguish the fire, but then, at any set pressure, the damper blades and self-closing door open to relieve the subsequent pressure. Our Pressure Relief Damper (PRD) comes in two sections; an internal section with gravity weighted blades, and an external section with a top hinged self-closing door. All our PRD’s are fire rated to BS EN 1634-1 for 4 hours in a blockwork wall, and 2 hours in a dry wall construction in both directions. The PRD’s are certified to EWCL5; an independent certification scheme by Exova. The test standard ETS001 is a technical scheme for the fire performance of construction products and building elements.

BS EN 15004-1: 2008 also states, “In areas which are protected by total flooding systems and which are capable of being occupied, the following shall be provided: means for prompt natural or forced draft ventilation of such areas after discharge of extinguishant”. This statement reinforces the requirement for post discharge ventilation. Puma Products Ltd has designed a range of products that incorporate both pressure relief and post-discharge extraction. The combined FE/PRD reduces the number of penetrations required in an enclosure, compared to installing a separate extract unit and pressure relief damper.

Puma Products Ltd is the world’s first manufacturer of a PRD with 120 minutes Hydrocarbon fire test to IMO MSC.307 (88) FTP Code 2010. Manufactured from marine grade 316L stainless steel, then pickled and passivated, our Duplex ST PRD is designed to withstand the extreme conditions in offshore and coastal environments.

The innovative design and quality of our units highlights why Puma Products Ltd is the world leading manufacturer of PRD’s, supporting the specific requirements of the electronic data processing environment for over 30 years.

Danny Field

Puma Products Limited