Scheme member marketing boost from BAFE

BAFEWith FIREX fast approaching this June, our thoughts move to the annual industry outing to the EXCEL centre in London’s Docklands. BAFE has decided this year to use the ever increasing demand on our marketing budget in a more direct manner, rather than exhibiting at Firex. This has involved the appointment of a new marketing specialist in the BAFE office. Frazer Wisniewski, has joined the team in April to support and develop the BAFE marketing activity, especially to inform end users about meeting their obligations under fire legislation by using competent providers. We feel that the direct approach to a targeted audience using dedicated staff, will in the long run provide much better results in promoting the value of using third party certificated providers of fire protection services.
“Delivering the best possible return for the marketing spend that we have available is great for our registered companies”, said Stephen Adams, Chief Executive BAFE. “It allows us to really focus more on what matters to the end users, specifiers and  our scheme members and gives us the chance to work in a more proactive manner” he continued.

Having this resource will allow us to represent BAFE at a more specific level and increase our ability to support cooperative initiatives with Certification Bodies. We also hope to increase the good work we already manage through Public Sector Tendering initiatives, where we respond to over 400 tenders a year promoting the specification of BAFE registered companies. There will also be a programme of targeted emails going out to end users across a wide range of end user and specifier organisations. We are working hard on an improved web presence to help companies requiring assistance from the Fire sector to find an appropriately located member company. This will then drive more traffic through the BAFE Website that is already receiving more than 30,000 hits a year searching for information about registered companies and our quality schemes.


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